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About the OAIM network of churches & ministries….


In the past, Open Arms International Ministries (OAIM) has been resistant to structuring itself in any formal way, since our heart from the beginning was for unity within the body of Christ.  We still believe this of course but it seems as though God was showing us the value of building deeper relationships with other independent works in which the ministers had no covering and nobody to stand with them through difficult times. The desire to work more effectively has led us to the conclusion that working together is better than merely fellowshipping together and working alone.


The OAIM network preserves local church autonomy, while at the same time incorporates the benefits of trans-local ministry and cooperative effort.

From the very inception, OAIM has had an international mindset and a strong missions emphasis. Not only do we focus on church planting and training in the United States, but also have works in the Philippines, Liberia, Nigeria and Pakistan. As of this writing, the majority of our churches are located in the 10/40 window.


Our Mission:


Our mission is to spread a passion for God and to advance His kingdom by planting churches, developing leaders, and helping churches grow. Every church and ministry within Open Arms International Ministries has a similar goal as the basis of its mission.


Our Philosophy:


* Relationships are essential to the Body of Christ. A great need exists in the Church today for church leadership to find fellowship and accountability with others of like mind.


* The Kingdom of God advances best through the cooperative effort of the Church. Much more is accomplished in the effort to advance the Kingdom of God when pastors and local churches work together. We are more effective and efficient when we function as a team. In light of this, we abhor competition and "grandstanding." Spirituality, for us, is measured not in terms of church size, fame, or the accomplishments of a single individual, but rather in terms of humility and serving the whole in furthering the cause of Christ. It isn't who you are, but who you help others become that makes the most difference!


* Structure can both promote and inhibit life. Having experienced both the good, bad and ugly of structure, we have developed an environment that attempts to center, not on hierarchical authority, but on relationships. The OAIM apostolic council, which serves as a spiritual covering and wisdom base for the affairs of Open Arms International Ministries, is comprised of seasoned leaders whose gifts and character have qualified them to serve the pastors and local churches in our network.


* The role of trans-local ministry is to help each local church develop to its maximum potential. Central to the success of the individual churches is their own local leadership team. Trans-local ministries operate as their servants. We affirm the authority of local elders in governing the affairs of the church and also acknowledge the need of every local church to benefit from the input of the five-fold ministry as outlined in Ephesians 4:11.


How to Connect with Open Arms International Ministries: Since one of our core values is that relationships are central to kingdom advancement, we wholeheartedly avoid the recruitment of churches for the sake of numbers. Instead, we require all churches desiring to join our network to go through an “engagement period" during which we encourage each individual church leaders to develop relationships with members of the OAIM leadership Team. To initiate the process, a local church may contact the OAIM office by email.



OAIM Apostolic Council:


Jeff Hoglen, Missions Flame International, Parkton NC


Matt Crump, Network of Home Fellowships, Hope Mills NC


Samuel Harvin, Church at Anderson Creek, Anderson Creek NC


Tubman Sarpee, New Hope Missions, Philadelphia PA